Using natural light for high contrast images

Last time I mentioned about using fog in photos. I needed a month to make this micro-tutorial about light. Photographers should know that you should get the “best looking” pictures in a one hour window after sunrise or before sunset. This should give a huge contrast between the shadows and lit areas. But the one hour rule is good for portraits taken on a flat field near the equator far away from the city. When it comes to a crowded urban area in Poland during winter you could get 15-minutes-or-less window for your best shot.

I was amazed by the shadow-light play that had place somewhere between 4:25 and 4:40 near a railroad station in Warsaw – Ochota but – as I said – it took me almost a month to get the timing and weather right for some shots.

Using sunlight

Using unsecured payday loan sunlight – the beginning of the 15 minute window

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“Using” fog in photography

Those of you who have seen photos taken in the fog know that they can create great atmosphere. While “using” fog as an element of your picture you should keep in mind you have to deal with fog’s depth of visibility and your camera’s depth of field. The tricky part is that fog’s maximum visibility is located where you stand while the center of the depth of field is where you set it with your lens. Here’s an example:

Using fog #1

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