Save Facebook from Anonymous

“Remember, remember. The 5th of November.” This is how Anonymous (hackers in short… or hacktivists) warn us, the users of Facebook, that they will shut it down on that day. I’ve made some observations and simple analysis and come to a conclusion how you might help to save Facebook. Continue reading

One-liner shell script for data mining from log files

In our radio station we use Icecast as a stream server. Like any other good linux software it generates log files that – after hitting predefined size – are compressed and a new log is started. This is a nice feature as it save space on you hard drive.

If you’re not familiar with linux shell you might think it will be hard to get some data out of all these log files. Maybe it’s not a simple drag’n’drop operation but once you understand how it works everything will look like basic shell scripting. Continue reading

Macro basics – Macro techniques – Magnification limits

While taking macro shots you might think of how far… or – better say – how close can you get to the object and still be able to get good picture quality. If your knowledge stopped on high-school optics knowledge level you are probably thinking there are no limitations. In a perfect world it would be true… or close to the truth. Continue reading

Perl – Shell commands with pseudo-interaction

There are plenty of problems I have to solve by myself as they are connected with very specific needs. Today I had to create 20+ ftp (pureftp) accounts with “random” passwords and a quota. All happened on Ubuntu server so I decided to write a script to make my life easier.

What I decided to do is to write a perl script that will get one argument on the command line (username) and make an ftp account “username” with chrooted home directory “/some/path/to/ftp/username”. Not-fully random (based on md5 algorithm) password and username should be appended to a text files, containing all the passwords. Continue reading

JomSocial – Like and Dislike buttons for Discussion in groups

My company decided to have “like” and “dislike” buttons in our JomSocial for Joomla component in… discussions inside of groups. Why? We renamed “discussions” to “reviews” to allow personal home loans other users to make reviews of other people stuff they put in groups (pics/videos/music). Now we need “Likes” in it. I will show you how to do that. Continue reading