Macro basics – Macro techniques – Magnification limits

While taking macro shots you might think of how far… or – better say – how close can you get to the object and still be able to get good picture quality. If your knowledge stopped on high-school optics knowledge level you are probably thinking there are no limitations. In a perfect world it would be true… or close to the truth. Continue reading

Perl – Shell commands with pseudo-interaction

There are plenty of problems I have to solve by myself as they are connected with very specific needs. Today I had to create 20+ ftp (pureftp) accounts with “random” passwords and a quota. All happened on Ubuntu server so I decided to write a script to make my life easier.

What I decided to do is to write a perl script that will get one argument on the command line (username) and make an ftp account “username” with chrooted home directory “/some/path/to/ftp/username”. Not-fully random (based on md5 algorithm) password and username should be appended to a text files, containing all the passwords. Continue reading