Compact camera macro limitations

I have recently received an email from Hungary with questions about compact camera macro shots with Raynox MSN-505. We have the same gear (Canon A75) and I already had some experience with using it for macro shots so… I was a perfect person to be asked that question ;)

First of all, there are some basic limitations connected with compact cameras. We can’t use macro objectives for the obvious reason. It’s also very hard to perform extension-tubes-macro as it will work only on some cameras (tried on my A75 with a success) and on 99% cases it will permanently damage you camera making it useless for anything else. Luckily I bought two A75 and the second alliance and leicester loans one is still working. Continue reading

Macro basics – Macro techniques – Magnification limits

While taking macro shots you might think of how far… or – better consolidated loan calculator say – how close can you get to the object and still be able to get good picture quality. If your knowledge stopped on high-school optics knowledge level you are probably thinking there are no limitations. In a perfect world it would be true… or close to the truth. Continue reading